About Us

Where vision & capital intersect

invisionAZ is creating, promoting, and leading the framework that allows tech, innovation, and investment to flourish in Arizona. To support a vibrant innovation ecosystem, invisionAZ provides the foundation for significant capital formation, creates an ecosystem to support innovation and growth, and develops a culture and regulatory environment that is attractive to entrepreneurs.


Creating A Fund

invisionAZ will create an Arizona “mothership” investment fund to establish a local connection for investment communities.


Creating a Community Where Startups Thrive

invisionAZ will leverage current resources to encourage collaboration, develop a structure for funding innovation, and will focus on public policy that will ensure the growth of Arizona’s innovation.


Creating a Culture of Innovation

By partnering with Arizona’s government leaders and creating tech-driven events that attract influential leaders from across the country, invisionAZ will craft a culture that supports connectivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Our Story

invisionAZ was created to close the gaps in Arizona’s vibrant tech ecosystem. At the First Annual AZ Tech Innovation Summit in March of 2017, leaders in the technology industry shared their insights on the strengths and weaknesses of Arizona’s innovative ecosystem. The blueprint of invisionAZ was developed based on this dialogue and the organization was formed to transform the Valley into an attractive environment for entrepreneurs.

A collaborative group of business, civic, political, and venture capital leaders have come together to assemble a solutions-based plan to address these gaps. invisionAZ will provide Arizona’s tech ecosystem with real solutions to further position the state as a leader in the new economy.

Our Policy Focus

As an agent for progressive policy change and the driver for the important issues that impact innovation in Arizona, invisionAZ is committed to promoting policies and legislative agendas that align with entrepreneur and economic development. Top policy priorities include:

Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

Enabling tests of innovative products without having to first obtain status as a fully licensed financial institution or regulated enterprise.

Arizona’s Tax Environment

Focus on improving Arizona’s tax environment for digital goods in the “new” innovation economy.

Analyze Tax Policy Changes

Analyzing changes to capital gains tax rates and understanding the impact on entrepreneurs, investors, and the business community.

Recent Legislative Success

Passage of HB2547

$27 million in funding to support R&D infrastructure at the state’s three public universities through the University Capital Investment Program.

Angel Investment Tax Credit

The reinstatement of Arizona’s Angel Investment Tax Credit helps investors fuel Arizona economy.

Arizona’s FY2018 Budget

$3 million to connect rural schools to high-speed internet, $200K to support a computer science and coding initiative, and $21.5 million for the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Help establish Arizona’s tech ecosystem.